Error: Unable to get store entry id .... 0x8004010F

I have been running Zarafa for a couple of years as embedded in the Artica Zarafa Edition server. A couple of days ago mail stopped flowing and I am getting an error that I can’t track down:

zarafa-monitor[7852]: Unable to get store entry id for ‘domain’, error code: 0x8004010F

I replaced the actual domain name with ‘domain’ for this post. This error message repeats every 15 minutes in the mail.err log.

Any thoughts on where I should begin trouble shooting?

Hi @jsatterfield ,

the error you are seeing has the long name MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND.

In the context of monitor this could mean, that the user the service queries has no store.

Thank you, fbartels. To better focus my digging, let me further detail the error:

store entry id for ‘domain’,

The ‘domain’ in the message appears to be an organization entry, not a user or a company. Is that possible? I have an organization with three domains included under ‘domain’.

Based on your suggestion, it appears that I have a MAPI storage problem with one or more of the domains? Where in the logs should I start looking for more detail?

Thank you again for your help!

@jsatterfield said in Error: Unable to get store entry id .... 0x8004010F:

an organization entry, not a user or a company

Can you explain a bit more what you mean with organisation entry?