Kopano & Z-Push on Ubuntu 18.04

  • Hello!
    I have installed Kopano on Ubuntu 18.04.
    Now I want to install Z-Push.

    On Ubuntu 16.04 I could install it this way:

    ## Add Z-Push-Repository
    echo deb http://repo.z-hub.io/z-push:/final/Ubuntu_16.04/ / > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/z-push.list
    ## Download the repository key and add it to the keychain.
    wget -qO - http://repo.z-hub.io/z-push:/final/Ubuntu_16.04/Release.key | apt-key add -
    apt-get update
    apt-get install z-push-kopano z-push-config-apache
    systemctl reload apache2

    But unfortunatly there is no Ubuntu 18.04 Repo.
    So I tried to use this way:

    apt install z-push

    Seems so much easier now.
    But sadly it just don’t work.
    When I open http://myserver.de/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync this appears:

    Z-Push - Open Source ActiveSync
    Version 2.3.8-2ubuntu1
    BackendIMAP(): You didn't configure your IMAP folder names. Do it before!
        [0] => Array
                [file] => /usr/share/z-push/lib/request/requestprocessor.php
                [line] => 64
                [function] => Logon
                [class] => BackendIMAP
                [type] => ->
                [args] => Array
                        [0] => myusername
                        [1] => 
                        [2] => mysecretpassword
        [1] => Array
                [file] => /usr/share/z-push/index.php
                [line] => 86
                [function] => Authenticate
                [class] => RequestProcessor
                [type] => ::
                [args] => Array

    How do I have to configure my IMAP folder names?
    What are the IMAP folder names for Kopano?

  • Kopano

    Hi DerIngo,

    you can use the Ubuntu 16 repository for Ubuntu 18. If you have Kopano, the Kopano backend is more suitable than the IMAP backend anyway.

    Z-Push 2.3.8 which is in Ubuntu own repository is deprecated and will reach end of life on the 30th of June 2018.


  • @manfred Thank you! I will try to use Ubuntu 16 repository for Z-Push.

    Do you know if I could also use Ubuntu 16 for files (Nextcloud integration) https://download.kopano.io/community/files:/files- ?

  • Kopano

    Hi DerIngo,

    I’m not familiar with the Files source code/packaging, but as it’s Webapp’s extension I guess it’s only PHP and JS files and the Ubuntu 16 repository will probably work on Ubuntu 18 as well. It might however be that the PHP code is not compatible with PHP 7.2 which is default for Ubuntu 18. Give it a try. If Webapp works on Ubuntu 18, chances are good that the Files will work as well.


  • @DerIngo , yes file works with owncloud and nextcloud. at least works for me.

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