Activesync Protocol Version supported

Is there a chart somewhere stating what Activesync Protocol versions are support with each z-push release?

I found a post stating that Z-Push 2.4.0 had support for ActiveSync protocol version 14.1. But what about Z-Push 2.4.1 ??


Hi @robertwbrandt,

@robertwbrandt said in Activesync Protocol Version supported:

But what about Z-Push 2.4.1 ??

are you asking if the AS 14.1 support has been removed in Z-Push 2.4.1?

The Z-Push roadmap has some information about upcoming changes (such as added or removed ActiveSync versions).

Thanks @fbartels,

I’m asking, does Z-Push 2.4.1 support any higher versions? I’m assuming backward compatibility is maintained…

The roadmap confirms what I’ve seen before (thanks) but I need to know the exact version of the Activesync Protocol supported since we have a MDM Activesync proxy in place that needs to know which version of the protocol to speak to our servers.

No, adding support for new activesync versions is quite a big undertaking, hence new version will only be introduced in new mayor versions. (see the roadmap, it mentions where we want to introduce 16.0 support).