Mail Send from Windows Application

Hello everybody,

I try to send a mail from an Windows application.
The e-mail address given by the application is not accepted.
The subject and the possible file attachment is accepted in the generated mail.
What is wrong?

Kopano Core: 8.4.0-22
DeskApp: 1.2.67

Best regards

Hi vwrcs,

To help understand this problem better, could you clarify with e.g. screenshots or steps?

Hi marty,

our program uses the call via the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Kopano DeskApp\shell\open\command

–create --mailto=mailto:?subject=test?attach=… is passed as parameter.
The email address is missing, So an error from our program.

Is it possible to log the calls to the deskappmapi.dll ?

Hi marty,
I think the problem is nevertheless the kopanomapi.dll. VS/Deskapp MAPI/main.cpp

Line 103

  • TODO: Add recipients if needed

    sCommand += sDeskappCommand; // path to deskapp.exe
    sCommand += TEXT(" --create");
    if (lpMessage->nFileCount > 0) {
    sCommand += TEXT(" --mailto=mailto:?attach=");
    sCommand += sAttachments;

Only the attachment is accepted.

Hi marty,

I have adapted the kopanomapi.dll. Now the recipients, the subject and the mail text are accepted.
If necessary, I can make the changes available.

Hi vwrcs,

sorry didn’t see your post until now…
Would be ultimately awesome if you could share your efforts.


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