Kopano-Search - MAPI error or timeout

  • hi,
    since i upgraded from zarafa to Kopano i’m struggeling with the kopano-search.


    I already tried to remove the complete search index /var/lib/kopano/search. But the problem still exists.
    Any suggestions? :(

    Versions below:

    Kopano Core:

  • Kopano

    Hi @gssd,

    are these errors still coming up in 8.5.8? Did you try to delete the old search index with 8.5.8 as well? Which version did you first encounter this with? Which version of Zarafa did you run before? Is something logged in the server.log at the same time?

  • hi, Felix,

    we upgraded from Zarafa to 8.5. I thought i was already on 8.5.8 but it was 8.5.5, sorry. So i updated now to 8.5.8 and delete the index again. After that the mapi errors didnt show up again.
    Beside can you tell me to get rid of the following Error shown in server.log:


  • Kopano

    Yes, I would also have expected that the search error went away with the 8.5.8 update. What you see in the server.log was exactly the cause of the search error. you have (some) attachments still referenced in your database that have since been removed from disk (anti-virus?). You could ignore these errors or just create empty gz archives as a place holder.

    ps: please post error message as text (preferable formatted as code, this forum uses the markdown syntax for formatting)

  • hi, Felix,
    thanks for your help. Your right, in this case Anti-Virus could be the reason.

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