Kopano Groupware Core 8.6.2 pre-release is available

Hi community,

after some internal only releases of Kopano 8.6 we have just now uploaded the candidate for the 8.6.2 release to the pre-final repository. The changelog and known issues can be found at https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_changelog/kc.html#kopano-core-8-6-2-pre-release-8-6-1-81

Looking forward to your feebdack!

I have a lot of problems upgrading from the latest 8.5 to 8.6 (Debian 8.0)

with dpkg -i from te the tar ball packages.

Therefore the installation half fails half doesn’t and for example kopano-spooler is complaining about missing MAPI libraries although I did dpkg -i several times.

I have to roll back.

Hi @mcostan ,

can you post the exact error you get? Why are you tying to install via dpkg -i and not through the repository?


I never had issues whatsoever with dpkg -i over the last few months (years) and it was always fine. It only happened yesterday. I am rolling back the change now so that I get a working environment first, then I’ll try again on a copy of the VM and let you know the errors. Possibly tonight worse case tomorrow.

The reason why I use dpkg -i as opposed to the repository is that I fluctuate between the official repository (supported) and the community repositories depending on the versions.

Still, has anything changed that wouldn’t make it possible to run with dpkg -i?

@mcostan said in Kopano Groupware Core 8.6.2 pre-release is available:

Still, has anything changed that wouldn’t make it possible to run with dpkg -i?

No, I would not expect a change a that regards. In regards to the missing mapi libraries this sounds like the thing we recently had with the master packages and the pyhton2-mapi package. The todo is still open for pre-final to rename this back to python-mapi. The fix would be to just install python2-mapi.

thanks, I am reverting back first to 8.5 to get the environment working again then I’ll try with your suggestion on a separate copy of the VM.

Why do I get the feeling dpkg -i isn’t the right command to remove obsolete packages.

The 8.6.2 pre-final has been updated. Amongst preliminary support for Ubuntu 18.04 and Univention 4.3 this includes three added tickets. Changelog is at https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_changelog/kc.html#kopano-core-8-6-2-pre-release-8-6-1-99

We are currently planning on pushing a final release next week.