Kopano Core & Archiver 8.3.0 beta 1 is now available

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    As the name implies Kopano Core sits at the heart of every Kopano environment and is therefore a key figure in our promise to deliver stability and extensibility of Kopano’s proven communication platform. Kopano Archiver provides a way to minimize primary mailboxes by moving older messages to slower (and presumably cheaper) storage. Kopano Archiver consists of additional components that allow running Kopano servers dedicated on slower storage for archived messages whilst keeping them available transparently to the user.

    Improved memory management

    With Kopano Core 8.3.0 beta 1 we’ve made progress on our continuous endeavor on delivering the best quality of our product to the vast amount of platforms we provide Kopano for. With that in mind, 8.3.0 has received many memory related optimizations, that allow less memory usage over time and simultaneously optimize performance with our Kopano Core stack. With the introduction of smart pointers, we are able to deal much better (and faster) with certain memory operations, allowing this performance improvement for our entire Core stack.

    Reduced dependencies

    Before Kopano Core 8.3, we have been utilizing the boost libraries, which was also required as a runtime dependency. With Kopano Core 8.3, boost is not required anymore, since the dependencies have been re-developed based on the C++11-provided functionset.

    Several improvements

    With the feedback received over the last weeks, we’ve been able to enhance multiple aspects of our PST based migration tool which has been included first with Kopano Core 8.2. The optimizations include better support for mail distribution lists and now it can also deal with certain arbitrary character-sets which were reported to us by customers.

    As with every release, we’ve included a large amount of fixes and improvements, ranging from python-kopano to additionally recognized out-of-office headers in e-mails. For a detailed overview of changes, you can check out the general changelog, alongside our documentation.

    Where do I get the packages?

    The packages can be found in the repositories, the portal and the download server (all require login). You can find the latest development version of Kopano Core on the community download site.

    We are really looking forward to your feedback on this version as this will help us further improve and adapt Kopano Core and Kopano Archiver to fit the required needs best. Let us know what you think by sending an email to feedback@kopano.com.

  • Hi

    I have just upgraded to the “8.3.0~1007-2.2” packages and now kopano-spooler and kopano-dagent can’t start because there is a problem with libkcinetmapi.

    kopano-dagent: symbol lookup error: /lib64/libkcinetmapi.so.0: undefined symbol: _ZN5vmime17generationContext16setWrapMessageIdERKb

    The same applies to kopano-spooler. I’m using the RHEL_7_PHP_56 packages on CentOS 7. Is this a known issue?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi

    I know what the problem was here (in case anyone else has this): In my installation I had “libvmime-kopano1-0.9.2.g500-8.1.x86_64” installed. The new libvmime version is older than this one and it didn’t got upgraded. So now I downloaded in manually and ran “rpm -Uvh --force libvmime-kopano1-0.9.2-9.1.x86_64.rpm” and kopano-dagent and kopano-spooler are working fine again.

    Kind regards,

  • Kopano

    Hi @cmusik ,

    I did some investigation on this and it seems this vmime package was only part of the first 8.2.0 beta ( and this version syntax only occurred in the rpm packages. So everyone that did not install 444 will not be affected by this.

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