Upgrade Core from 8.5.80 to 8.6.80 alongside with latest WebApp

With 8.6 for Centos/RHEL it seems that the core is now dependent on PHP7, while WebApp is still at PHP56.
I’m running both core and webapp on the same server (small private/home solution with 2 active users), but struggle to see how I can upgrade to 8.6 without moving WebApp off the server. -Wait until WebApp can handle SCL PHP70??

Has anyone installed WebApp 3.4.13 on the same Centos 7.4 (or similar RHEL) as Core 8.6.80?

Hi @Spiff ,

can you post some logs regarding the dependency you see? Did you download the regular rhel7 package (e.g. https://download.kopano.io/community/core:/core- or one of the packages specifically tuned for scl usage?

Hi @fbartels

I haven’t tried to upgrade yet. -This was more a question if Core and WebApp would be able to run on the same PHP (5.6 OR 7.0) version. In my case I’m running on PHP56 due to WebApp. -But now with the nightly builds of Core not having a PHP56 package as in 8.5, I don’t know how to upgrade both Core and WebApp on that server - since WebApp doesn’t have a PHP70 package.

Sorry missed that… -Found the 3 first items, and didn’t look further down… -Perhaps alphabetically sorting would be great.

Any idea if WebApp will be supported on RHEL 7 PHP70 ?

No, I cannot give a timeframe for that.