Howto make a ticket get into production faster?

  • Hopefully this is the correct forum to post such a question.
    Thanks in advance for being nice :)

    I just set up my kopano-server with help of my purchased serial and the provided repositories.
    Now i’d like to spam-protect my inboxes.

    I read about

    And saw the ticket
    Signed up and “Voted” for it.

    Is there more i can do?

    e.g. i am running on an ubuntu LTS and may user-test it. But i cannot comment the issue on the Tracker.

    The feature has been re-scheduled multiple times…

    Thanks a lot.

  • Kopano

    Hi @computerlyrik ,

    It’s not that it has been rescheduled multiple times, it actually is part of the Kopano releases since 8.5.0, but it has constantly been improved over the recent releases and for 8.6 (currently available from pre-final) now also has packaging.

    Feedback is always welcome. The more feedback there is, the faster we can move forward with releases.

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