Docker-Install not possible

  • Hi there

    I would like to move my zarafa-installation to dockerised kopano.

    So I found on Github the docker-file from Felix
    Unfortunately this doesn’t work.

    First of all ther is a file called supervisord.conf missing, so that the build process couldnt be finished.
    Its line 38 COPY supervisord.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/supervisord.conf

    So I deleted the line, but now the container doesnt start

    docker run kopano
    /usr/local/bin/ line 6: Dockerfile: command not found
    /usr/local/bin/ line 7: Dockerfile: command not found
    /usr/local/bin/ line 22: /usr/bin/supervisord: No such file or directory

    What to do now? What is this supervisord? Where to get it?


  • Kopano

    Hi @logg-sar ,

    I’ve just forked this repo to open a pr against the original authors repo. I’ve not used it myself and cannot say anything about its quality. There are some other repos on GitHub though. maybe they work better?

  • Kopano

    Hi @logg-sar,

    the docker images that you have previously played with have matured quite a bit. running it with our nightly builds works out of the box, when running this with 8.6 some config changes are probably required in the compose file (alternatively you could go for our pre-final repo which should not require any config changes)
    Instructions to get the images going is at

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