kopano-backup grep on email sender

Hi All

Is it possible to grep on something else then the subject? If so how can we do this?

It would be a great feature to search for sender addresses . Is that already possible ? The documentation doesn’t mention it.

Sourcekeys, respective folders, last modified dates and subjects are shown for each message/item.


I ageer this option is usefull but i believe iT is not supported now.

@fbartels do you know if we can use this?

Hi @fbartels

is it possible to search on sender?

Not without modifying kopano-backup


Will this ever be done?

@ckruijntjens I have no plans for this and also see no requests for this from customers. But if you want to submit a pr then this is gladly welcome.


Hi how can i request this feature? Pr?

@ckruijntjens If you want to open a pull request with your changes, then you can find further information at https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KC/repos/kopanocore/browse/CONTRIBUTING.md

If you have a subscription, then you can open a feature request through our support.

Additionally with your recent questions on disabling the “about” and removing Kopano branding I am not really sure what your intentions are. Do you want to resell hosting based on the free nightly builds?


Hi no i will not resell kopano. it would just look better i think. (for me personal)

I do not want a subscription on kopano. However i think kopano is damn good. Can we make a donation if we wanted to. Just to show some support.

For a business donations are hard to handle. But for just 75€ you can get a subscription, which also gives you access to supported releases for a full year.