Kopano Community Cent-OS 7 Release broken

  • Hi,
    just reading through the various reports.
    To summarize the situation:

    • Upgrading Kopano to will make the entire system unusable

    • Old releases aren’t available, only to paying customers, the community edition is just as is, and always the nightly build with potential bugs/issues, up to being like now completely useless.

    • one year ago we’ve decided to move away from Zarafa to Kerio and Kopano, using Kopano for non-commercial users. Especially as Zarafa isn’t open source.

    • I do understand, that QA is time consuming, and you have to make a living as well. And bugs are always acceptable. But in this case - the entire system is broken, no way to recover.

    In another thread - there was the kind hint to use the source. Tried this, downloaded, ./configure and ./make


    python -external-runtime spooler/PythonSWIGRuntime.h
    Unknown option: -e
    usage: python [option] … [-c cmd | -m mod | file | -] [arg] …

    So - what should we do now?
    It is very risky to use the distribution. The shared sources aren’t usuable, so that in the end the only way to use Kopano is to pay for support to get access at least to packages aren’t broken. Not sure, if this is company policy to enforce people

  • Kopano

    @afassl said in Kopano Community Cent-OS 7 Release broken:

    Not sure, if this is company policy to enforce people

    no, that is not by policy, but simply a matter of time and priority.

    @afassl said in Kopano Community Cent-OS 7 Release broken:

    So - what should we do now?

    If you cannot or do not want to compile on your own, you could still use another distribution. To my knowledge these issues are exclusive to RHEL7. Another reason why its not that high in the list yet.

    Edit: one should add that in the posts you mentioned there are also messages with pull request that have been made in an attempt to resolve the issue. Apparently this has not yet achieved the desired effect. But I cannot say for sure as I haven’t retried it recently.

  • @fbartels

    hi just checked the latest version is running on centos 7!

  • Hi,


    is now working again.

    Thanks a lot.

    I’ll setup a small test system for updates prior doing this again on the live server. :-)

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