Make kopano-spamd more flexible (configurable spam header)


it would be nice, if I could configure kopano-spamd more flexible to use it with other spamfilters than spamassasin. I currently use rspamd which is using “X-Spam: Yes” instead of “X-Spam-Flag: YES” in mail headers. I found the check in the code and edited it manually for my needs.
I replaced X-Spam-Flag with X-Spam and “YES” with “Yes” ;) I hope someone could make it configurable in spamd.cfg.


Hi @zonk ,

if you are willing to work on this you can find contributing information at

i will try it. sadly i’m not a dev.

Just ran into this same issue. Sent a patch contribution which implements this flexibilty.

Hi @tph2018 ,

thanks for your patch. I’ve asked one of our developers to take a look at you patch files and then open a pr internally.

Ticket for status updates is