kopano-backup restore soft deleted items

  • hi everyone,

    I got a question regarding kopano-backp. After running the backup tool, i want to search for deleted items (soft deleted items).

    I can only restore them from the webapp. If i search for such an item in the kopano-bakcup too lit wont give me any hits. What am i doing wrong?

  • Kopano

    Hi @ckruijntjens ,

    from the moment an item is deleted from the store (even if its still in soft delete) it won’t be part of any run of kopano-backup anymore. These items however are still included in previous runs of kopano-backup, this is what the switches

      --deletes=YESNO                    store/restore deleted items/folders
      --purge=N                          purge items/folders deleted more than N
                                         days ago

    are fore.

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