recurring Task in Outlook 2016

Dear All,

I have created a recurring task in Outlook 2016 (connected to Kopano 8.5.5) via z-push (at that time 2.38, now 2.4.0). The task has created itself again and again and now I have more than thousand instances of the same task. But I cannot get rid of this task neither by deleting it in Outlook nor by deleting it in WebApp. Can I somehow delete the task in the database?

What else can I provide to help this get solved?

thanks in advance


Hi emtie,

did it re-create itself? Are those thousand instances in Outlook as well as in webapp?

What happens if you try to delete such a task? Are there any errors in z-push.log?

Have you run kopano-fsck -u user --task?

I wouldn’t recommend deleting the entries in the database directly as it might break your installation.


Hi Manfred,

seems like. It wasn’t me creating nearly 22072 Tasks…
Yes appear in WebApp and Outlook. z-push log shows the following entries

[WARN] [username] Ignored incoming change, global status indicates problem.
[WARN] [username] Mobile loop detected! Messages sent to the mobile will be restricted to 1 items in order to identify the conflict

I have run kopano-fsck -u username --task which shows the following:
Folders: 1
Entries: 22072
Problems: 0
Fixed: 0
Deleted: 0

What else can I do?

Thanks emtie

Hi emtie,

and what happens if you try to delete one of those tasks?


Dear Manfred,

thanks for your replies. I analysed the situation a little further. Your hint with the “kopaon-fsck” command helped me out in the end. WebApp did always show that there are 1.000 of 1.000 tasks available and that after deleting a bunch of tasks. Perhaps this is because mysql only returns 1000 results? That was the reason why I thought I wasn’t able to delete the tasks but kopano-fsck showed that in fact the tasks were deleted. So I started deleting the task in webapp what took some time but finally I ended with 9 open tasks and not 22072. So thanks for your support Manfred.


Hi emtie,

and the tasks didn’t re-recreate themselves since the deletion?