Using Z-Push on Windows


I tried to install and run on Windows with nginx and fastcgi.
After a lot of hours a made it run with version 2.3.9, but very unstable. Very often it seems that it kills php-cgi.exe.
It is still running, but php content is not responding anymore.
Also a lot of warnings and errors as listed below occured:

  • Not possible to determine class of request. Request did not contain class and apparently there is an issue with the HierarchyCache.
  • SimpleMutex not available as InterProcessData is not available. This is not recommended on duty systems and may result in corrupt user/device linking.
  • ackend\imap\Auth\SASL.php:128 - require_once(): Failed opening required 'include/Auth/SASL/DigestMD5.php
  • Exception: (ProvisioningRequiredException) - Retry after sending a PROVISION command

Can you provide a stable release and configuration that can be run under Windows.
Thank you

Hi Schrottkorb,

we do not test Z-Push on Windows and there are no plans on our side to do it. There are also no plans to do a windows specific release.

There is almost a 10 year old thread from someone who managed to run Z-Push on IIS:

There’s someone who contributed a wincache IPC provider, so maybe he could help you: