Feature request - otherMailbox-attrib display under kopano-admin --details

  • Hello Forum,

    we got a lot users with aditional mail-addresses. Some married and we still want to provide the old mail for some time, some for organization etc.

    We are using the old zarafa-schema on AD-Server, renamed all properties in ldap.conf from
    i.e. kopanoAdmin to zarafaAdmin etc…

    there is also the “ldap_emailaliases_attribute = otherMailbox” attrib and its working as expected.

    my feature request:
    could this alias be visible on “kopano-admin --details <username>” ?
    currently only the main-email is shown

    and in addition, could the sync or another switch display which ldap-source is used?
    we got 4 ADs for high availability and all 4 are in ldap-uri


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