simple multi domain setup?

We are migrating from ZCP 7.2.6 to Kopano… But i can’t migrate the following configuration:
We use [user]@domain.a for all emails. But one of our users have a specific domain address: blank@domain.b on the same Kopano server.
Configuration in Postfix virtual file has been working well in ZCP 7.2.6, but now, after migration, she can send emails out with her domain.b address, however, replies to her address are rejected with:

blank@domain.a (expanded from blank@domain.b): host[]
said: 503 5.1.1 User does not exist (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Any help or tips?

Ok. Just found a solution:

  • i deleted user in question with
kopano-cli --delete --user blank
  • recreated the user with:
kopano-cli --create --user blank@domain.b --email blank@domain.b [ ...]

(it seems username must be the same as email in multidomain system)

  • edit the /etc/postfix/virtual file and add new entry for user:
blank@domain.b      blank@domain.b
  • recreate/reload Postfix virtual db:
postmap /etc/postfix/virtual

Works for me.

@mapo said in simple multi domain setup?:

(it seems username must be the same as email in multidomain system)

No, that is not try. You must either need to deliver emails with either the username of the desired user or his primary email.

In your case it already seem to have failed to resolve the user on the MTA level.

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