Kopano 8.5.5 - Configuration Files missing after fresh install

i newly installed Kopano 8.5.5 on SLES12SP3.
After Installation all of the *.cfg files are missing in /etc/kopano.
Where i can find them or is there a new location beside /etc/kopano?

hi @gssd,

it should be placed in /usr/share/doc/kopano/example-config
if you cant find it use:

locate server.cfg | grep kopano

you need package “mlocate” - quite usefull
after installing:

locate server.cfg | grep kopano


CentOS 7.4.1708
WebApp external Server - TCP-Socket
Z-Push 2.3.9+0-90.1
PHP 5.6.25 with Zend OPcache v7.0.6-dev
DeskApp 1.5.0
Outlook 2016(64bit) KOE 1.6.282
Outlook 2010 -Zarafa 7.2.6

hi, and thanks @Coffee_is_life

ist this now by design?

In the past the config files where always located in “/etc/zarafa” or “/etc/kopano” after package installation.


we use Kopano on SLES12, unfortunate I can’t find the configuration files as stated in: https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Core. /usr/share/doc/kopano/example-config
do not exist on SLES12.
But I found this files in: /usr/share/doc/packages/kopano/example-config/. So the Wiki page mentioned above is incorrect too.
Removing the new configuration files (.rpmnew) from /etc/kopano is a bad idea. Migrating any changes to current configuration files is now much more work then before.

Not really. .rpmnew files get, in essence, created whenever the defaults change. Since config files exist for the purpose of conscious overrides of these built-in defaults, bothering the admin at every upgrade is pointless.

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