purge mail queue


How can i clear the mail queue.
It looks i’ve a spam mailbom on my server. The postfix queue is empty but the mails keeps going out.

Do i need to purge Kopano-spooler and how must i do this.

Appreciate your help

I have not yet seen a bot using kopano-spooler directly to send out messages. Are you sure they are using kopano-spooler? This should be quite easy to test when stopping the service.

Maybe you mailqueue is just empty since they just send little enough emails for them no not pile up?

This old article explains how to look into the outgoing queue of Kopano/Zarafa http://wiki.zarafa.com/index.php/Monitoring_Zarafa_Outgoingqueue

Hello Felix,

I think you are wright, but it was a possibility.
I’ve changes all passwords and the spam attack has stopped after a short time.
Still strange i saw nothing in the mailq

hello @madpatrick,

i bet thats because the spam-bot wont use your mta but his own little client, just using your physical line and of course your external ip.