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  • Hi, I am currently using Kopano for my company e-mails, and have used the disclaimer.py script to append a disclaimer directly to all outgoing e-mails.

    Is is possible to make any changes to disclaimer.py to i can also use tag’s from the address book, such as {%firstname%} etc, as to also include a statutory signature to all outgoing e-mails?

    I have reviewed the kopano-webapp/tools/signature script, but this will just update the web-app with a default kopano signature, only any good for using web-app. I am hoping to do it directly with the kopano-spooler to it appends to all outgoing mails regardless how its sent similar to how exchange work’s.

  • Kopano

    I guess you are talking about https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KC/repos/kopanocore/browse/spooler/python/plugins/disclaimer.py, correct?

    Generally speaking it should be possible to create a dagent plugin that can do some templating. We ourselves decided to focus on the WebApp signatures since this way the signature can already be displayed to the user in WebApp. Only adding a signature after the user has sent a message has proven to confuse some users.

    If you are open on ordering some customer development I am sure your prof. services could prepare something for you.

  • I am currently using the webapp signatures, but these can be removed by the user or edited before the e-mail is sent. But most important, is when the user is using outlook or another ActiveSync client, the signatures do not copy over when they log into a new workstation or mobile device. So generally speaking, i think giving the end user the ability to build it directly into disclaimer is the perfect solution.

    I however, do not know Python, so would not know where to start.

  • Kopano

    As for Outlook: when using KOE the signature is downloaded from WebApp and applied locally as well.

  • fbartels: You still, can’t beat having the server do it for you.

    After a lot of homework, and research from the kopano site, i have managed to make an alteration to the disclaimer.py python script and successfully managing to change some basic tags {FirstName} {EmailAddress} etc to their corresponding entry’s from the users profile.

    Its not perfect, as it will only retrieve the information for the logged in user sending the message. So if your sending on behalf of someone, it will display the senders information.

    But its work in progress.

  • @drew2k: could you post some more information about the script and share it to the community, please?

  • @drew2k: I would also be glad to have some piece of information about you managed this… could you please post your code from disclaimer.py ? ThX

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