Dagent fails to deliver email

  • I noticed this morning an email was missing from an inbox. Inspecting the logs shows the email was delivered by postfix, but appears to have got lost when it arrived at dagent. The logs show:

    ​Mon Mar 12 08:00:23 2018: [error ] [ 9761] Unable to open inbox folder, error code: 0x80040116
    Mon Mar 12 08:00:23 2018: [error ] [ 9761] ProcessDeliveryToRecipient(): HrGetDeliveryStoreAndFolder failed: not found (8004010f)
    Mon Mar 12 08:00:23 2018: [error ] [ 9761] Unable to deliver message to “mailbox”, error code: 0x8004010F
    Mon Mar 12 08:00:23 2018: [error ] [ 9761] Unable to deliver all messages for server “default:”
    Mon Mar 12 08:00:23 2018: [error ] [ 9761] Client disconnected

    My understanding of this is that dagent is unable to open the Inbox of the mailbox because it is unavailable. I am wondering if this is perhaps caused by lots of email being delivered at the same time briefly overwhelming the server.

    Am I thinking along the right lines or can anyone suggest how to go about investigating this?

  • Kopano

    Hi @markct,

    Check if the user has a store attached with kopano-admin --details <username>. Also, check the server.log on a higher log_level (=6) on what happens on the server at that time. Is this a single instance or a multi-server environment?

    - mike

  • The user affecting this morning does have a store attached, and that store opens normally in Webapp/Thunderbird with no issues. Almost all mail is being delivered.

    I meant to mention in the original post, I have checked the dagent log history and can see this error occurs once every few days, across multiple users (all with functioning stores). I cannot see much of a pattern in terms of the time the errors occur or the type of messages that might be being received.

    This is a single-server instance.

    Another question: is there a way to have Kopano notify when dagent fails to deliver a message? That way I can cross-reference with postfix so I know whether anything important is going missing.

  • Also I have upped the server log level to 6, so when the error recurs I will post the output of server.log

  • i ahve the same isseu. how dit you resolve this?

  • @markct

    i find an other issue. when i am moving a lot of emails to an other folder it cant deliver any mail anymore. It starts to complaine about duplicate items in sql database?

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