Installing Kopano Core Community Edition on Debian 9 Problems

  • Hello,
    I am happy user of Zarafa Server that serves me for years now. I wanted to test the new Kopano System in its Community Edition on a fresh installed Debian 9 VM. Unfortunately this seems to be a little bit hard.

    Before installing Kopano, I installed LAMP (with mariadb-server not mysql-server). After that I downloaded the the latest packages of Kopano for Debian 9 amd64. After installing the .deb packages from the core archive and resoving missing dependencies with

    apt-get -f install

    I still have problems with libjs-backbone package. So I installed it manually with apt-get and reinstalled the *,deb packages from the core archive without any problems. When I restart the VM now, I can’t login anymore to the kopano user account?

    Any Idea what went wrong here?

    Thanks in advance,

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