Mark for followup

Is there a trick I’ve missed to make mails marked as follow up get visible as a task as described her:

using the right versions? works for me at least.

Or are you referring to the grouping as shown in “To Do list B-1.jpg”?

I’m on:

Kopano Core: 8.5.4
Z-Push: 2.3.9+0-0

They don’t get visible in “tasks” and more important for me in the “tasks widget”. This is not about grouping.

You have to check the folder called “To-Do List” (at least that is the name in an english inbox).

The tasks widget actually only displays items from the “tasks” folder.

The to do list is empty and that the widget does not display them is a major problem IMHO.

An other thing I found is that when I change a flag already set to an other state it does not get displayed until I refresh the folder tree. This is NOT the case when I initially set it then it gets displayed immediately.

So does it stay empty or does the state of an email does not get updated until a refresh?

Since you are giving the version number of a release I assume you have a subscription? In that case I would recommend to get in contact with our support. I have the feeling a personal talk could clear up a lot of your question marks.


maybe you have a similar problem we try to solve here:

We can try to solve this together?