Kopano Install on Univention UCS 4.3 (prerelease)


Today I tried to install Kopano on the new UCS 4.3 (Debian9) but it failed starting server-core as no database access was possible, had to manually create the kopanoDbUser in mysql - then it worked

I did not find when and where this should be done by install scripts - maybe it’s missing at all

also i had to switch php5 to php7 for webapp to work - can this be done on kopano-install automatically or does this interrupt some ucs funktions ?


Yes, those packages are still being worked on. The last I heard Univention reimplemented the debian-maint user in their integration package, so that https://stash.z-hub.io/projects/K4U/repos/kopano4ucs/browse/debian/kopano4ucs.postinst#176 should succeed again. Maybe those packages are not yet public, though.

The last update I got also said that the php5 vs php7 thing was figured out. So I am in good hope to have the app final until the final release of 4.3.

Hi @externa1, as UCS 4.3 is still not released yet there are still some moving parts. Last week we fixed some issues with the database integration when upgrading from UCS 4.2 to the test version of UCS 4.3. If you update or do a fresh install right now it should work. I cannot help with any issues from an intermediate version and would ask you to try updating/installing again.

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Thanks for your Information, I’m aware of that this 4.3 release is not released - and I’m only testing the pre build - but i thought it could be interesting for Kopano peopel to also give feedback on some testing experience