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  • Hi,
    I need to make a distribution list than sends emails to accounts that are not from the kopano domain.
    For example imagine my kopano domain is mydomain.com .
    I need ot create a list like list@mydomain.com and inside I have emails a@gmail.com b@hotmail.com .
    So when I send an email to list@mydomain.com it will forward emails to a@gmail.com and b@hotmail.com .
    How can I do it?
    My Kopano is integrated with Active Directory and I cant see in the user managment how to do it.

    Bruno Morais

  • Hello @brunomorais,

    if you have time, webapp/deskapp and there are not 2398479 mails to type in, you can use the contact list:
    use the list and you can add ldap users, and any email you type in with a title and mail-address

    or do you ask for a list in ldap?

    then you need tomethink like a csv, use powershell and import them via:

    Import-Module ActiveDirectory 
    Import-csv -Delimiter ";"  -Path "path-to-csv" | foreach {New-ADObject -Name $_.name -Type contact -OtherAttributes @{'mail' = $_.mail} -Path "OU=Test,OU=testou,DC=foo,DC=bar"}

    in this case the csv should look like:



  • Kopano

    @brunomorais said in Distribution List:

    My Kopano is integrated with Active Directory and I cant see in the user managment how to do it.

    It seems you are searching for “Kopano Contacts”. These will the be available as objects in the gab and can be used in LDAP groups.

  • @coffee_is_life
    If I use webapp to create the distribution list, will it be available in outlook?

    I understand the second option. Your script will create a list of kopano contacts in AD.
    Then I’ll need to create a kopano dynamic group and match the search query with the contacts (These will be contacts of the AD domain and other emails that do not make part of the domain, will be forwards).

    I’m I right?

    Bruno Morais

  • @fbartels
    I didnt get what you mean.
    Could you please be more specific?

  • Kopano

    Hi @brunomorais ,

    You just need to create a user in your LDAP as usual and the additionally add the object class kopano-contact.

    These object will the be displayed in the gab like all other users, but they don’t have a store in Kopano and cannot login themselves.

  • @brunomorais,

    just ran a test with Distribution-Group and sync to Outlook via z-push… unfortunatly its not displayed in Outlook :(

    @fbartels, i created the dist group via webapp in a specific folder and in the public folder. both wont be synced. I dont think its how it should be
    after create i ran “sync-gab.sh -a sync” just to be sure to update the GAB… but OL/Z-push doesnt recognize the group


  • Kopano

    That script (as it’s named) only has an effect on the gab, and not on user created distribution lists. Distribution lists in personal addressbooks are not supported by ActiveSync. (Have a look at the client comparison for other differences)

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