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  • Hello,
    we just took kopano in production in our environment to get rid of the MS solution, now we faced an issues I just don’t find in google.
    What i would love to archive is to be able to send from an Alias emails - thats totally working from the webgui or the installation except if I’m on a mobile device - I can’t use the Alias option from my bluemail or nine. The apps doesn’t recognise any aliases.

    Is there a way to use aliases also on mobile devices?

  • Kopano

    Hi @f31n ,

    while technically this is possible (we implemented this for koe for example) I am not aware of any ActiveSync client that enables the user to change the from address.

  • Hi, thanks for the awesome quick answer!
    I’m using Bluemail and Nine, both support ‘aliases’ - they don’t specify where they are working. (search for alias)
    I sent the Nine support an email, if they are supporting aliases also for ActiveSync - i’ll let you know as soon as i get an answer.

  • Hi, just got an update from Nine, still waiting for bluemail

    It seems that you were right - of course :)
    Nine doesn’t support ActiveSync alias, because they believe its not possible:

    Dear Robert,

    Even though changing the sender email address with the alias on client, the email is changed back to main email address from server automatically when sending out the email to recipients.
    It is the ActiveSync protocol limitation.
    Unfortunately, it is unable to support on EAS client.

    A account: primary account
    B account: alias account
    C account: alias account

    1. Send an email with B account
    2. When the recipient receives the email, the email address is changed to A account because the server had changed the address with primary account.

    We plan to support to add accounts for the ‘Send as’ manually.
    Thank you for your patience.

    9Folders Support Team

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