Upgrading Kopano

  • Good evening,
    I am using Kopano for 7 days at Debian GNU Linux now. And its running awesome! Great product!

    I have some questions regarding updating of Kopano.

    As I use the nightly builds, how often do I have to update my installation? I am aware that I have to use dpkg (with upgradeparameter) to run a update (.deb)

    If I decide to update my installation: Do I always have to upgrade all modules to the same version?

    If I do no update for a few weeks, will there be a problem updating cause I miss lots of versions (nightly builds)?


  • Hi,

    I am a user like you (and I do run in Debian).

    I am not sure you do need to update on a specific schedule if you are using the nightly builds (like me). I tend to do it whenever I find the chance to do it, but you do not have to.

    Most webapp versions (i.e. the front end) will work with not necessarily the latest kopano core, therefore you can update that separately.

    My view (someone correct me if I am wrong) is that you do not need to upgrade core and webapp at the same time, but you should upgrade all the core components together and all the webapp components together.

    Also watch out for changes, i.e. there may be requirements to run say core or webapp above a certain version to either make them compatible but this, in my experience, is quite rare.

  • @mcdaniels said:

    As I use the nightly builds

    Nightly builds are “bleeding edge”, that means you don’t necessarily improve stability, if you update regularly .

    I suppose, packages built shortly following a beta-release contain more matured code than in between development-cycles. So this might be a trigger to update your packages.

    Generally, if you’re dependant on a reliable setup and want to sleep well, too, I wouldn’t recommend to use these builds.

    If I decide to update my installation: Do I always have to upgrade all modules to the same version?

    Up to now, this wasn’t necessary. But imho there’s no guarantee that there won’t be changes requiring an update on several components.

    You might watch the commits in the repositories or clone a copy of the src-tree and check current changes by git log

    If you manage to build from the git-repo, you have the possibility to switch to another (more stable) branch from the repo. As stated by the Kopano-devs somewhere else, nightly builds track the master-branch.


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