Notifications / KDE

I use the desk app with KDE and I don’t get notifications. The plugin is active and notifications are enabled in the plugin settings. What am I doing wrong, or are notifications not supported with the desk app?

Did you also install the kde file kopano-deskapp-kdeintegration_1.x.x_all, think this is also needed with kde integration



# dpkg -l | grep kopano

ii  kopano-deskapp                         1.6.22     amd64 
ii  kopano-deskapp-kdeintegration          1.6.22     all 

@mahescho The kde integration is only for the sendto contextmenu.

Can you give us some more info about your distro and versions?

Kubuntu 16.04

Kopano Core: 8.5.2
Z-Push: 2.3.9+0-0

BTW: despite some the singe key short cuts like F5 and arrow keys, none with CTRL oder CTRT-ALT work for me.

Fixed by a reboot of the client.

Keybindings still do not work.

No :( next time reading everything in the settings may help …

Works, sorry for the noise.