Z-Push 2.4.0 beta2 released

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    we have just released Z-Push Z-Push 2.4.0 beta2 (tag 2.4.0.beta2 commit 54e760905d3016f372c5594a122ab970375dcc87) and would like to invite you to try it.

    We fixed several issues with impersonated stores including private item handling and folder creation.

    In this version we exposed shared folder API to z-push-admin. It means that now it’s possible to add or remove shared folders using z-push-admin.

    There’s a new note backend contributed by Karl. Thanks for sharing it!

    Another contribution is wincache IPC provider. Thanks to Michael for contributing it!

    There have been a lot of changes in meeting request and recurring classes for the Kopano backend. Please let us know if you find any issues.

    Several other fixes and improvements.

    We want also to thank all our community contributors and for valuable feedback: Andreas, Bart, Chris, Christian, Karl, Michael, Nicolas, Roel, Vincent, Yano! Keep up the good work.

    Tickets since Z-Push 2.4.0 beta1

    [ZP-836] - Recurring tasks duplicate in OL 2016
    [ZP-1287] - Editing appointment by owner creates new appointment
    [ZP-1294] - FixFileOwner requires posix_getuid which fails on Windows
    [ZP-1322] - All-day event created in Outlook stretches over 2 days in Webapp
    [ZP-1329] - Refactor impersonation feature
    [ZP-1339] - Replace removed PHP-MAPI functions
    [ZP-1344] - Reply back exporter doesn’t honor private flag
    [ZP-1345] - Own private items stripped when folder is in $additionalFolders
    [ZP-1347] - [imap] Creating folder on mobile fails
    [ZP-1348] - Use of undefined constants in email with attachments
    [ZP-1350] - Erroneous mapi_last_hresult value when source message is not found while moving
    [ZP-1352] - Impersonation: check read permissions on all folders on FolderSync
    [ZP-1353] - Check user vs authUser case-insensitive for log
    [ZP-1354] - Basedate in GlobalObjectId must be GMT
    [ZP-1355] - Auth username when impersonating is always lowercase
    [ZP-1356] - Log output without impersonated user
    [ZP-1361] - Folder created in impersonated store is not FLD_ORIGIN_IMPERSONATED

    New Feature
    [ZP-1192] - Expose shared folder API to z-push-admin
    [ZP-1332] - Add wincache IPC provider

    [ZP-1303] - [nginx] write documentation about configuration

    [ZP-1284] - Add Note Backend operating against Postgres database
    [ZP-1295] - Merge MAPI classes from webapp
    [ZP-1304] - Refactoring in MAPI classes
    [ZP-1340] - Review stream writes
    [ZP-1357] - Private items aren’t stripped of data when impersonating
    [ZP-1360] - Remove ICalParser class

    Install Z-Push 2.4.0.beta2 from the pre-final repositories (recommended) Z-Push Wiki.

    Z-Push 2.4.0 will not be released as tarball anymore.
    If using the repositories is not an option, it is possible to check out the code via git and the tag 2.4.0.beta2. More information is available here.

    Please share your experiences (positive and negative) and give feedback!


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