Kopano Deskapp not starting after upgrade 1.6.22

I have upated to the latest STABLE Verion https://download.kopano.io/supported/deskapp:/final/Windows/kopano-deskapp-1.6.22-x64-en.msi
… sadly without success:

@segro Can you share more information?
Like webapp/kopano version, webserver setup…

turning back to 1.5 everything works well, webapp also.
server -> centos6-php56 w. kopano 8.5.2
webapp -> centos7-php56 w webapp 3.4.6
nginx reverse proxy / httpd24 on port 8000

client: windows10_x64 1709 / 1703 and kopano-deskapp-1.6.22-x64-en.msi

Sounds like it should just work.

Do you have logfiles from the webservers?
Or could you try the devel version?

  • start
  • press F12
  • in the devtools window go to network
  • click the login button and observe the requests


I had lots of “login-trouble” after updating to 1.6.x, but not like you with an “unexpected error” message.
Just was never logging in instead of doing something. Recreating the profile in the deskapp settings fixed it…