[solved] python-mapi 8.5.2 deb postinst problem - unable to install


It is possible that python-mapi 8.5.2 fails to install due to a dependency issue. The python-mapi.postinst file of the .deb package invokes the following commands:

invoke-rc.d kopano-spooler restart
invoke-rc.d kopano-dagent restart

but it does not check if these are present. So, unless kopano-spooler and kopano-dagent are already installed it is not possible to install python-mapi.

Could you please add the appropriate checks here?

Thanks, Roel

Hi @rolek ,

yes that is something we already stumbled upon as well. This is fixed in the 8.5.3 release which will start rollout shortly (in the last functional tests).

Great, thanks!