Private store not created

  • I upgraded Kopano to
    When I create a new user with:

    sudo kopano-cli --create --user <username> --password <password> --email <email> --fullname <full name> --admin-level 0

    This gives no error and I do not see any error’s in the server.log
    However no private store seems to be created:

    sudo kopano-cli --list-orphan
    Users without stores (1):
                User           Full Name          Homeserver                                   Store
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        Remon                      Kopano                                  

    One thing that might be related is I don’t use the default MySQL database name as this setup is migrated from Zarafa. Related settings in server.cfg:

    # Database to connect to
    mysql_database          = zarafa
    user_plugin             = db

    Is this a known issue?
    Is there a way to create a private store manually so I can attach it to the new user?


  • Kopano

    Hi @joepadmiraal ,

    is there anything logged in the server.log when you create the user? There was some breakage in kopano-admin which was fixed in the beginning of february, maybe you’re affected by this?

  • No, nothing is written to the server.log file when I create a user.
    I upgraded to the current version (core- and it still creates users without a store.

    Looking at the commit you linked I noticed kopano-storeadm.
    With this tool I was able to create a new store and attach it to the user’s.
    sudo kopano-storeadm -C -n <username>

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