moved e-mail isn't shown anymore

  • zarafa4ucs 7.2.1000-11.114.201606081402, kopano-deskapp 1.4.2-0 on Ubuntu 17.10

    when I move more than one e-mail into a different folder only one of the moved e-mails is shown in the new folder. The other e-mails aren’t shown neither in the source nor in the target folder. But when I search for those disappeared e-mails they are shown in the results. Now I can move those e-mails back to the source folder, but only one by one.

    This behaviour is reproducable. It seems to be a bug.

    Does anybody else noticed this phenomen? Is there a solution available?


  • Kopano

    What WebApp version do you use?

  • zarafa-webapp

  • Kopano

    Hm, works for me on Kopano versions (move via dialog + drag and drop).

    Maybe an issue with refreshing of folders? Any errors in console?

  • What do you mean by errors in console? Log file on server , which one?
    Or is there a debug mode for deskapp available which must be started via console?

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