• Hai,

    I have a question about the “currect” and new kopano-spamd. ( in kopano 8.6 )
    The currect community kopano-spamd, is great.
    I’ve made a spamassassin SQL based setup, mij frontend anti-spam is using the SQL on the backend. (kopano server).
    both servers link to the spamassassin database on the kopano server.
    mails missed bij the front end are now in control of the users, they use the junk box to train missed spam.

    is this still possible with the “new” kopano-spamd in 8.6 because this server is almost ready for production…

  • Hi @thctlo

    Please see https://github.com/bkram/inotify-spamlearn this implements a proof of concept/example companion for the kopano-spamd from 8.6.

    This should be easy to customize as you have had done before.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi, i’ll have a look into that, thanks.

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