Install on Debian from repo with PHP 7.2


I upgraded to PHP 7.2 my server and for an unknown reason when removing PHP 5.6 it removed also z-push. (something went wrong with --purge php5*)

I tried to reinstall it with apt-get install z-push-common… from the stable repo but it keeps saying it wants to install:
libapache2-mod-php5 php5 php5-cli php5-common php5-json php5-readline

All of these are already installed in PHP 7.2 version.
How can I do to reinstall z-push with PHP 7.2 on my system?

I was unable to find info about it with the search engine.


@riviera89 Which Debian version are you using?

My Debian version is 8.10


Hi riviera89,

I guess the Z-Push installation from the repository won’t work properly with PHP 7.2 installed. The default debian 8.10 PHP version is 5.6 and Z-Push package will try to install php5-* packages.

The Z-Push installation from the tar.gz should work, but we haven’t tested Z-Push with PHP 7.2 yet, so you might run into issues, e.g. like this one: