• Hello.


    Postfix-Server (simple postscreening and relay) -> Antivirus/Antispam-Server (CLAM and SA managed with AMAVIS) -> Kopano-Server.

    This is a real 3-Server (Hardware/VM) scenario.

    • Postfix works and send the mails correct to the AMAVIS-Server -> working
    • AMAVIS moves the mails to CLAMAV -> working
    • AMAVIS moves the mails to SA -> working
    • Now AMAVIS is configured to send the mails to Kopano via IP:LMTP to DAGENT

    AMAVIS get now an error:

    Feb  9 20:57:53 avas28 amavis[3341]: (03341-01) notif=N, suppressed=0, ndn_needed=, exit=, 451 4.5.0 id=03341-01 - Temporary MTA failure on relaying, From MTA(lmtp:[kopano]:2003) during fwd-connect (An LMTP server implementation MUST implement ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES at (eval 96) line 751.): id=03341-01

    What is the meening of


    Thank you

  • Hej.

    I’ve played around with another postfix-server and successfully inject the second postfix-server from AMAVIS via LMTP and SMTP.

    If communication is SMTP to second postfix-server, postfix can send successfully route mails to DAGENT via LMTP.

    Also working is a reinjection back to first postfix-server (sending).

    Looks like a missing feature in DAGENT? ^^