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How can I change the fullname of a user? I tried the following (in an older zarafa installation). Need to change “k” to “c”

zarafa-admin -l |grep -i affa
        maaf                    Markus Affa
zarafa-admin -u 'maaf' -f 'Marcus Affa'
Unable to update user information, object not found
Using the -v option (possibly multiple times) may give more hints.

Seems to be a bug in zarafa 7,2,6,10. Any chance to get this updated?


Hi @klausf ,

just did a quick test with Kopano 8.4.6 and here the issue does not exist. My general recommendation would be to upgrade to Kopano.

Hello Felix,

thanks for your reply! I tested with Kopano too and there it works as expected. I know that upgrading to Kopano would be the best, but this is not possible at this time. Can I change the fullname in the database directly?

Regards Klaus

Hi Klaus,

Are you sure you are not using the ldap plugin for the users ?

Ldap users are not permutable from Zarafa.



Hi Mark,

you are my man! You are right, I’m using the unix plugin in this installation. So I only have to change the /etc/passwd .

Thanks again!

Hi Klaus,

Glad to hear you fixed your issue.

Kind regards,


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