Kopano user creation from LDAP failing

  • I have a basic Kopano server set up with OpenLDAP as the backend for the users, and phpldapadmin for user administration. This works fine, I can create a user and they will be synced to the Kopano server, and the user can log in fine. However, I want to allow less experienced users to create and delete accounts, so I installed the Webmin control panel as well and connected it to the LDAP server. For some reason users that are created within Webmin cannot log in to Kopano. When I run kopano-admin --details on their accounts, the error “Unable to show object quota information: missing or invalid argument (0x80070057)” shows up in place of where it normally says “Current Store Size”. It looks as though the store is not being created.

    When I compare users that have been created in phpldapadmin to users that have been created in Webmin, everything is identical, except for the dn. Phpldapadmin creates users with a DN of cn=User Full Name, dc=example, dc=com and Webmin creates users with a DN of uid=username, dc=example, dc=com. Both accounts have the same attributes, they just show up in different orders.

    Is there something I need to set in the ldap.cfg to make this work?

  • Just an additional note, this seems to be an issue with the user creation scripts, not the kopano-server. The users created by Webmin show up with kopano-admin -l, but they have no store.

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