Reminder from already deleted calendar appointment keeps on popping up

  • Hi,

    since a few days, I have a reminder that pops up every couple of minutes in WebApp. This refers to a calendar appointment that I deleted more than a week ago.

    It does not let me finally close nor delete it.

    In addition, there are several task entries in the To-Do list that also refer to previously flagged messages that are already deleted.

    Hopefully, it is not a secondary effect of deleting or fixing several corrupt database entries as described here

    Maybe there is a possibility to fix these entries ?

    I am currently using core- together with webapp-


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  • Oops, it happened again.

    Even after recreation of the database, there is a reminder that keeps on popping up for another item that has been deleted a couple of days ago.


  • We have seen this problem as well with Kopano 8.4, what I’m about to tell you doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but it appeared to work. After running kopano-fsck and working to delete the appointment out softdelete and make sure its truly gone it was still reappearing in both WebApp and Outlook. Doing an Outlook.exe /cleaneminders resolved the problem.

  • I had this problem too. Currently using

    Those reminders pop up in both Outlook as well as in WebApp. Opening the reminder then tells me the message (which probably means the calendar entry) does no longer exist or there are not sufficient rights to it. Checking the calendar for the date in question does not show the appointment for which the non-delete-able reminder pops up. It was really annoying :-)

    I ran kopano-fsck -u username --autofix yes --autodel yes --all
    And it did not fix the problem

    Then I ran:
    kopano-admin --purge-softdelete 0
    and now the defective reminder it seems to be gone (at least in WebApp - did not check Outlook yet!)…
    Lets hope it stays this way.

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  • Kopano

    WebApp gets which elements to remind about from a searchfolder, so rebuilding those could potentially help here as well:

    from man kopano-server

           --restart-searches, -R
               Rebuild all search folders. This may take some time and is only needed when your search folders have become out-of-sync with the actual data in the database. The sync will
               start synchronously at the start of the server, and you will have to wait for all searches to complete before connecting to the server.

    @gerald said in Reminder from already deleted calendar appointment keeps on popping up:

    Those reminders pop up in both Outlook as well as in WebApp

    Since you mention outlook. If you are referring to the old Zarafa mapi client you could probably also fix this by opening outlook with the /cleanreminders switch. see for more information.

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