UTF-8 Eencoding with quotes

  • Hello Forum,

    i’ve got some errors in my z-push.log:

    SyncObject->Check(): object from type SyncMail: parameter 'from' contains an invalid email address '"=?utf-8?Q?=22NAME_St=C3=BCckgut=22_=3C=227323962115=22=40faxmaker=2Ecom=3E?=@DOMAIN.de" <=?utf-8?Q?=22NAME_St=C3=BCckgut=22_=3C=227323962115=22=40faxmaker=2Ecom=3E?=@DOMAIN.de>'. Address is removed.

    NAME and DOMAIN are replaced by myself.

    after reading this i remembered a post i read in the past:

    i think its related but i dont know how to fix or better intercept the error, originally comeing from something like “KMail”.


  • Kopano

    Ohm, this looks exactly like your question from 28 days ago… :)

  • true, - something i didnt remember :)

    but on the other hand if the parser would replace " with =22 this could work. Because in the synced mail (Outlook2016) i see this:
    in Webapp:

    Same mail, just kopied to another account and synced


  • Kopano

    Then still, the question remains: can you get an original eml logged by the dagent as described here: https://forum.kopano.io/post/1787 ?

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