Hi Felix,

I tried this to install un Univention UCS 4.2-1 but that killed mysql by installing mairadb (took the Debian_8 repo files) took me some hours to repair this

will this be available for univention too or some guideline to implement on UCS


@mcostan said in Mattermost:

I suppose this will make its way to the community download site too? I can see a directory on it now, although empty.

yes, once we have the basic integration done, we’ll enable the same daily releases as with the other Kopano components.

@externa1 said in Mattermost:

I tried this to install un Univention UCS 4.2

yes, Univention is missing for a reason from the supported distributions (although it could work when enabling the unmaintained repositories). We already started work on an app for the Univention marketplace for Mattermost.


Great thanks - will be very nice to have an app on UCS


it seems that Mattermost is the tool I’ve been looking for some time.
Does anyone have an idea when it will be available for Univention?


Hi @A.Altenhoff ,

There are still some open todos with the app and we cannot make any promises on the release date yet.

Hi @fbartels ,
yesterday, I had requested a trial license key for Mattermost Enterprise Edition over the Kopano site.
Is it better for UCS users to wait for the “right” version?

Are there any distributions that have a Kopano-Mattermost integration?
It would be nice if I could look at the skills in a test environment

Regards Alexander

@A.Altenhoff at the moment only “integration” is the easier installation through the packages provided. apart from that you can configure the intranet plugin to have a visual integration into DeskApp. But we have a ton of other integration ideas that we’ll implement one after the other.

if you’re eager to start, you can of course take any of the supported distros and follow the manual to set Mattermost up for you. The benefit for the Univention integration will be that you don’t have to take care of the mysql and ldap setup youself.

@mcostan fyi nightly uploads of the basic packages are now running since last week.

Hallo @fbartels
do you have any News about the state of UCS - Kopano - Mattermost Integration?

Regards Alexander

Hi @a-altenhoff ,

getting closer, but not quite there yet.

I was wondering of what the status of Mattermost for Webapp (not Deskapp) is.

@mcostan have a look at the documentation, this contains an example which allows Mattermost to be embedded in WebApp.

thanks, I will have a look.

Hi @fbartels

Now I have Mattermost installed on a separate server.
Is there already an appointment at the Mattermost for UCS will be available?

Regards Alexander

Hi @a-altenhoff Did you still install with out packages?

Generally speaking the app is 99% done and available through the Univention test appcenter. We are currently finalising description texts and it will be online relatively soon.

@fbartels said in Mattermost:

Hi @a-altenhoff Did you still install with out packages?

No, I have used the Bitnami VM for testing.

@a-altenhoff said in Mattermost:

No, I have used the Bitnami VM for testing.

Too bad.

@A-Altenhoff @externa1 the Univention Mattermost app just went online.

Looking forward to your feedback.


perfect, will try ASAP, but i don’t see it right now in app store ?


Hi @externa1 ,

you’d likely have to run univention-app update from the commandline to force a refresh of the appcenter.

PS: and the app is UCS 4.2 only due to the need of websocket proxying.