once more localizing folders

  • well, I am pretty sure for 100% that I did run “dpkg-reconfigure locales” quite after I installed the OS. This is one of the basic steps I perform on a clean install.

    When I now run the mentioned command, I see that my settings

    are highlighted with the asterisk [*]. On the next step I see that de_DE.UTF-8 is used for my default system environment and once I confirm all these settings the locales are generated. But as said before, I have done this step already and I already got those locales installed on my system. I am pretty sure this is NOT the culprit.

    just for your understanding. I haven’t choose the locale en_GB.UTF-8 in the dpkg-reconfigure step, but running the command

    python localize-folders.py -u mmustermann --lang en_GB.UTF-8


    python localize-folders.py -u mmustermann --lang en_GB

    both succeed without errors.

  • Hai, well what you did, is not know for us.
    We have to ask/verify these things.

    kopano 8.6.9 , then its a python2 to python3 bug.
    read : https://forum.kopano.io/topic/777/kopano-localize-folders

  • locale -a


    the --verbose switch gives me this result

    Localizing user: mmustermann
    Changing localized folder names to "de_DE.UTF-8"
    Running in verbose mode
    Renaming MAPI Folder "junk" -> From "Junk E-Mail" To "Junk E-Mail"
    Renaming MAPI Folder "tasks" -> From "Aufgaben" To "Aufgaben"
    Renaming MAPI Folder "journal" -> From "Journal" To "Journal"
    Renaming MAPI Folder "wastebasket" -> From "Deleted Items" To "Gelöschte Objekte"
    'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 3: ordinal not in range(128)

    seems that the script succeeded in renaming the first four folders but fails at the next step. Maybe because of German Umlaut?

  • yeah, that is why i say its a python2 => 3 bug.

    I’ve seen dozens of these on the samba bug list.
    I just can not debug these myself (sorry), im not a coder.

  • the user @robing links to an updated version of the script which works fine for the user @sebschremser but I cannot access/download it because I have no Bitbucket account. Can I download this updated script somewhere else from?

  • @micro maybe if we call @fbartels … he might.
    Ping Felix help ;-)

  • Kopano

    @micro the script was moved to https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KSC/repos/core-tools/browse/localize-folders

    In case you’re not ignoring me did you check that YOUR TERMINAL EMULATOR can support UTF-8?

  • No, I am not ignoring you. Sorry forgot to give feedback on this.

    echo $TERM


    echo $LANG


    yes, I’m sure my terminal shows correctly UTF-8. I am using a /etc/motd as a check, which shows german umlauts. In case my terminal wouldn’t support UTF-8 I wouldn’t have seen the characters displayed correctly. But I do! :) so UTF-8 support is given

    I would appreciate if anyone could download the updated script and post it somewhere so I could download it and try it out.

    EDIT: Oh, you said the script moved. So I have already the latest version. Hmmm… strange, doesn’t work on my side then.

  • well, im running out of options here, i can only say two more things
    Reboot the server and try again.
    and/or upgrade kopano to a later version.

  • Kopano

    @micro said in once more localizing folders:

    so UTF-8 support is given

    in that case please get into contact with our support so that someone could check directly on your system.

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