Kopano Installation in UBUNTU 18.04

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  • please check below output what it means?

    root@test:/# ps fax | grep kopano-se
    9225 pts/1 S+ 0:00 _ grep --color=auto kopano-se
    8230 ? Ssl 0:03 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/sbin/kopano-search -F

  • only kopano-search is running.
    I told you what your problem is.

    you are running different versions of kopano and that not possible.

    Again show these, because these will show it.

    dpkg -l | grep kopano
    apt-cache policy kopano-server

  • @yaseen said in Kopano Installation in UBUNTU 18.04:

    please check below output what it means?

    First you should work on your linuxskills.

    Installation of kopano is very good for learning/teaching because it includes a lot of methods of installation/administration. You mix official repositories with external pakets from kopano. You need a few databaseskills (mysql -u root -p…, create databases,…), knowledge about postfix (smtp) to marry postfix with kopano in main.cf, knowledge about linuxcommandline (ps fax, lsof, tail -f /var/log/syslog), basics in https/ssl/tls…

    ps fax |grep kopano-se

    ps fax lists all processes, “|grep kopano-se” searchs all processes with “kopano-se” in processname, here “kopano-search”. Most important service in kopano is kopano-server and this is not running.
    Perhaps database doesn’t exist or wrong/missing user/password in server.cfg, wrong permissions for database…

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  • Thanks for your advice & i definitely try to improve it.

    as per the documentation https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Core
    i have configured mysql added user in mysql & updated user details in /etc/kopano/server.cfg

    1. Do you have the file /etc/kopano/server.cfg?
    2. Which user/password/databasename? (test/pwd/kopano)?
    3. check this with
    mysql -u test -p
    1. on mysql-cli
    use database kopano;
    1. if you can use this database check syslog
    service kopano-server restart

    parallel in other cli for errors, if you have no log file in server.cfg
    kopano-server should log errors there

    tail -f /var/log/syslog

  • below is the output of dpkg -l | grep kopano command:

    ii kopano-backup amd64 Utility to back up and restore Kopano stores
    ii kopano-client amd64 Kopano MAPI provider library
    ii kopano-common amd64 Shared files for Kopano services
    ii kopano-dagent amd64 E-Mail Delivery Agent for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-gateway amd64 POP3 and IMAP Gateway for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-ical amd64 ICal and CalDAV Gateway for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-lang all Translations for Kopano Core components
    ii kopano-monitor amd64 Quota Monitor for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-python-utils amd64 Additional Python-based command-line utils for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-search amd64 Indexed search engine for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-server amd64 Server component for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-server-packages all Metapackage to install the entire Kopano Core stack
    ii kopano-spooler amd64 E-mail Spooler for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-utils amd64 Admin command-line utils for Kopano Core
    ii libgsoap-kopano-2.8.78 2.8.78-0+1.1 amd64 Runtime libraries for gSOAP
    ii libvmime-kopano1 amd64 Library for working with MIME messages and IMAP/POP/SMTP
    ii python3-kopano all High-level Python 3 bindings for Kopano
    ii python3-kopano-search all Kopano search module for Python 3
    ii python3-kopano-utils all Kopano utils modules for Python 3

  • yes i have server.cfg in /etc/kopano

  • Kopano

    maybe you should choose a way to get started with Kopano that provides an easier entry. For example https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/K4U/Documentation+-+Getting+Started or https://github.com/zokradonh/kopano-docker#how-to-get-started

  • Anyone having step by step document of kopano installation (English) in ubuntu ?

  • Kopano

  • Thanks for the link that was actually i am following from the beginning
    please share any step by step document or installation videos.

  • Kopano

    @mass there are always implementation choices to be made by the admin when implementing Kopano. Some things are also dependent on other factors (such as the usage pattern, number of users). A step-by-step document from where you can simply copy/paste commands is, as such, not available.

    The easy-entry method to get started with Kopano is indeed as @fbartels already mentioned Univention: https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/K4U/Documentation+-+Getting+Started

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