Kopano Installation in UBUNTU 18.04

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  • please check below output what it means?

    root@test:/# ps fax | grep kopano-se
    9225 pts/1 S+ 0:00 _ grep --color=auto kopano-se
    8230 ? Ssl 0:03 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/sbin/kopano-search -F

  • only kopano-search is running.
    I told you what your problem is.

    you are running different versions of kopano and that not possible.

    Again show these, because these will show it.

    dpkg -l | grep kopano
    apt-cache policy kopano-server

  • @yaseen said in Kopano Installation in UBUNTU 18.04:

    please check below output what it means?

    First you should work on your linuxskills.

    Installation of kopano is very good for learning/teaching because it includes a lot of methods of installation/administration. You mix official repositories with external pakets from kopano. You need a few databaseskills (mysql -u root -p…, create databases,…), knowledge about postfix (smtp) to marry postfix with kopano in main.cf, knowledge about linuxcommandline (ps fax, lsof, tail -f /var/log/syslog), basics in https/ssl/tls…

    ps fax |grep kopano-se

    ps fax lists all processes, “|grep kopano-se” searchs all processes with “kopano-se” in processname, here “kopano-search”. Most important service in kopano is kopano-server and this is not running.
    Perhaps database doesn’t exist or wrong/missing user/password in server.cfg, wrong permissions for database…

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  • Thanks for your advice & i definitely try to improve it.

    as per the documentation https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Core
    i have configured mysql added user in mysql & updated user details in /etc/kopano/server.cfg

    1. Do you have the file /etc/kopano/server.cfg?
    2. Which user/password/databasename? (test/pwd/kopano)?
    3. check this with
    mysql -u test -p
    1. on mysql-cli
    use database kopano;
    1. if you can use this database check syslog
    service kopano-server restart

    parallel in other cli for errors, if you have no log file in server.cfg
    kopano-server should log errors there

    tail -f /var/log/syslog

  • below is the output of dpkg -l | grep kopano command:

    ii kopano-backup amd64 Utility to back up and restore Kopano stores
    ii kopano-client amd64 Kopano MAPI provider library
    ii kopano-common amd64 Shared files for Kopano services
    ii kopano-dagent amd64 E-Mail Delivery Agent for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-gateway amd64 POP3 and IMAP Gateway for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-ical amd64 ICal and CalDAV Gateway for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-lang all Translations for Kopano Core components
    ii kopano-monitor amd64 Quota Monitor for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-python-utils amd64 Additional Python-based command-line utils for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-search amd64 Indexed search engine for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-server amd64 Server component for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-server-packages all Metapackage to install the entire Kopano Core stack
    ii kopano-spooler amd64 E-mail Spooler for Kopano Core
    ii kopano-utils amd64 Admin command-line utils for Kopano Core
    ii libgsoap-kopano-2.8.78 2.8.78-0+1.1 amd64 Runtime libraries for gSOAP
    ii libvmime-kopano1 amd64 Library for working with MIME messages and IMAP/POP/SMTP
    ii python3-kopano all High-level Python 3 bindings for Kopano
    ii python3-kopano-search all Kopano search module for Python 3
    ii python3-kopano-utils all Kopano utils modules for Python 3

  • yes i have server.cfg in /etc/kopano

  • Kopano

    maybe you should choose a way to get started with Kopano that provides an easier entry. For example https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/K4U/Documentation+-+Getting+Started or https://github.com/zokradonh/kopano-docker#how-to-get-started