error No module named 'ConfigParser'

I want to move emails which are sent to an inactive account to a public folder. I am trying to use for this purpose as described here:

I have setup a ruleset in /etc/kopano/movetopublic.cfg:
rule1_recipient = officemail
rule1_destination_folder = Office

Folder and account exist. The mail gets sent to inactive account but not moved to the public folder “Office”.

I get the following errors:
Jan 12 14:35:03 office kopano-dagent[1055]: !-- failed to load: /var/lib/kopano/dagent/plugins/
Jan 12 14:35:03 office kopano-dagent[1055]: !-- error: No module named ‘ConfigParser’

I suspect I has something to do with different python versions (Python 3, Python 2.7)?

I am on Debian 9 and using Kopano-Version Users and Mailaccounts are imported via LDAP from ActiveDirectory.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

ah, so the ‘ConfigParser’ module was renamed to ‘configparser’ with python3. I made an internal PR to fix this, and some other python3 issues… we will update here once it’s tested and merged.

ok, thank you. I have tried to import “configparser” in, but it then throws different exceptions … Looking forward for the updated version … Thanks

Just for your information:
I have merged your changes from:
to /usr/share/kopano-dagent/python/ and /usr/share/kopano-spooler/python/
and now I am getting another exception:

Jan 15 13:32:06 office kopano-dagent[11105]: !-- error: in method ‘IMAPIFolder_CreateFolder’, argument 3 of type ‘LPTSTR’
Jan 15 13:32:06 office kopano-dagent[11105]: !- Plugin ‘MoveToPublic.PreDelivery’ call ignored please check the plugin