Kopano spamd error - PermissionError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted

  • @ashceryth thanks for your opinion. You are right i think. I added kopano as described in my post before in the amavis group but the problem exists still if i configure this sa_group = amavis.
    I can execute this manually sudo -H -u kopano chown kopano:amavis /var/lib/kopano/spamd/spam/9DFD4A4E633343C081465B7B8EDBCBE4.eml but the script gives us the following error if it has to execute it triggerd by the mail displacements in Kopano Webapp.

    PermissionError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/var/lib/kopano/spamd/spam/9DFD4A4E633343C081465B7B8EDBCBE4.eml'

  • @mark-dufour do you need more informations to reproduce this issue?

  • Kopano

    This ultimately seems to be an issue with/experienced through systemd. The permission denied when chown’ing comes from systemd denying it.

    We will still need to think about alternative approaches for this.

  • @fbartels thanks for your answer. Should i open a request anywhere or what are the next steps?

  • Kopano

    @cblaha @ckruijntjens @BMWfan Did some further thinking today and the simplest approach is probably the easiest.

    Could you try the following (assuming you need your eml files to be kopano:amavis in the end):

    in spamd.cfg
    -> set run_as_group to amavis
    -> sa_group should then be amavis as well

    make sure kopano is member of the amavis group (writing this out i am not 100% this is really a requirement)
    make sure that /var/lib/kopano/spamd (recursively) is owned by kopano:amavis

    If this works for you as well, then we will remove the sa_group option and its related mechanism from kopano-spamd and adopt documentation accordingly.

  • @fbartels : I will try it tomorrow

  • @fbartels: Sorry, that I am reporting so late. Your solution works perfect for me. Thank you

  • for me this is also working. Except i am using rspamd so for me the group is _rspamd

    This works as expected!

  • Works for me too!
    Many thanks for your support!

  • I had the same problem on CentOS 7.

    I think I solved this easily by:

    adding the amavis user to the group kopano.
    Since amavis/sa-learn is now able to read the files in /var/lib/kopano/spamd/spam, it is no longer necessary to do a chow or chmod in kopano-spamd. So I commented these two lines (106,107) out in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/kopano_spamd/init.py, like this:
    #os.chown(emlfilename, uid, gid)
    #os.chmod(emlfilename, 0o660)
    By increasing the loglevel to Info in /etc/kopano/spamd.cfg I could verify that the results are now as expected in the systemlog:

    aug 02 07:33:33 server03.xxxxx.local kopano-spamd[17541]: 2019-08-02 07:33:33,488 - spamd - INFO - Learning message as SPAM, entryid: 0000000000D9DA0165C843EBB498FB6BD1E7C5820100000005000000519FE396E2274687B6E78B016896BC6000000000

    I’m not sure though if sa-learn is automatically triggered within kopano-spamd on CentOS.


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