Duplicate emails when moving from one folder to aonother on OUTLOOK 2013

  • Hi,

    I get duplicate emails when moving from one folder to another with OUTLOOK 2013. These duplicates then only appear in outlook. When I access the folders on other devices (ie android or webapp) they appear only once as they should.

    Zpush 2.4.4. and kopano 8.6.7

    Can anyone provide a solution on how to debug?


  • Kopano

    Hi Chris,

    we had a couple of reports with a similar issue, however we weren’t able to reproduce this issue reliably. It looks like Outlook runs into some timing problems, moves the items locally only and doesn’t issue the necessary requests to perform this operation on the server.

    Are you moving emails between folders in your own store or between two shared folders or between folder in your store and a shared folder? Which version of KOE are you using? Does it also happen when you disable KOE?
    You could set the log level to WBXML and check if there are MoveItems requests and also check KOE log if there are MoveItems requests.