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@externa1 @marty: +1 from me, working like we love it ;)

This looks very good, many thanks! The only thing left is that the “Save as” button has the same behaviour as the “Save” button. It would be nice if that can be fixed in the next version.


Save - Items should be saved in the specified default download dir
Save as - An dialog should be popped up asking where to save

What happens in your system?


I also can confirm save as only asks where to save first time after install - then it always has same behavior as save and download is saved to default download folder


@externa1 We’ll have a look.
Thanks for the testing.

@marty: just tried this here.

Downloads are set up to ask on every Download.
I can reproduce, what @Nortepe85 says.

If you use save as… a pop up “save as…” appears.
If you use save, there is also a pop up asking for the location to save the file.

And another thing:
If I switch the downloadbehavior to Open after download, file is directly openend -> thats ok.

if i switch back to ask on every download, KD is asking whether to save… save as… or open… but the popup for the downloadlocation does not appear anymore (also not when you save as…)

If I delete the profile completely (also in APPDATA) and setup the KD profile again it works the way @Nortepe85 describes, as long as I do not switch the downloadbehavior.

Hi @mcdaniels @Nortepe85 @externa1

Please give the new version in the pre-final directory a try.


Tried it (2.1.7) on LM 19 (Ubuntu 18.04), did multiple different saves (open, save, save as) and it seems to work now

besst regards


@marty: working!

Yes, it’s working. Many thanks!